North Yorkshire Classic Rally



FOR THE FINAL RESULTS OF THE 2022 NORTH YORKSHIRE CLASSIC RALLY  which ran on Sunday April 3rd, can be found by clicking on the link here – NYCR2022 Final results




In the spirit of keeping things fresh the 2022 North Yorkshire Classic Rally will be staying with a one day format but returning to a spring date, after the clocks have gone forward.

The same experienced organising team of regular competitors plan to show off more of the Vale of York this year visiting some test venues and roads not used for a few years whilst retaining our new large test venue( with a better entrance this year ).

Offering around 100 miles of regularities and around a dozen smooth and flowing tests all on maps 100 & 105.

One stalwart that does remain is the excellent HQ at Hawkhills near Easingwold where accommodation is available and you will return to the famous carvery meal. We also plan to have the final MTC in Easingwold market place again so the local public can see your lovely cars at closer range.

Our philosophy of straightforward but challenging navigation will keep both crew members busy on the regularities and flowing tests will allow the drivers to shine.

Most of all we can assure you of a warm welcome, good value and a great fun day out.




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REGULATIONS –   NYCR 2022 Regs(1)                                                                                     “Rev1 – Minor amendment to Class numbers 20/02/22”

Entries open Saturday 22nd January at 10:00 am at 

Note – Entries Sec is now David Ruddock – – 07552 615004


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Below shows 2019 Navigation for the North Yorkshire Classic Rally

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